Lush Haul!

It’s been a while since I had a massive splurge on bathbomby goodies, and I wanted to share that joy with you!

Unfortunately, I had my phone stolen out of my coat pocket this week, so I can’t take any pretty pictures or videos of the bombs in action 😦

I can instead provide the photos from the Lush website and give you my first impressions/reviews of these lovely products.

The first one I’m gonna talk about is this little cutie (and the only one I’ve used so far): The Monster’s Ball Bath Bombmonsters_balls_bathbomb

This smell is wonderful, fresh and floral, and lingers nicely on the skin without being overpowering. The bath eventually turns a lovely purpley/blue colour, but releases all kinds of pinks and blues and purples and looks beautiful fizzing around the bath.

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

I am weirdly obsessed with autumn leaves. The beautiful colours give me so much joy I can hardly explain. So obviously this was at the top of my list; I can’t wait to watch it when I put it in the bath.

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

The description of the scent on the website didn’t inspire much in me, but I was sold by a lovely Lush employee and actually smelling it in real life. I can imagine this is going to be a really nice relaxing bath before bedtime.



Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar

Now this is one of those products that wasn’t even on my radar, but I got in a conversation with another Lush employee and she sold it to me too well to turn it down! Firstly I adore the name, and it’s so cute, not to mention it smells delightful, if subtle. It leaves such a gorgeous shimmer on the skin I can’t wait to try it on a night out and see it sparkle (yes, like a Cullen, but less problematic).


Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb


Christmas in a bathbomb. I need say no more.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb

Looks really boring on the outside, but apparently has to be dropped in the water to release the magic.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub

I looove the Bubblegum lipscrub, and this one tastes even more delicious and works just as well. So simple and so effective. It is especially necessary now it’s dark lipstick season, for flawless application.

Brb gonna go waste away in the bath now.


Christmas prezzies!

Happy new year to you! I may do a look back on my 2015 in the next few days, but for now I’m just going to share a few of the presents I received for Christmas this year 🙂


Tanya Burr lipgloss, nail file and nail polish set in this adorable gingerbread house!


A few books that I am very excited to read. 30 books is my goal for 2016, only 9 more than I managed in 2015. Baby steps. Got to account for my procrastination… Before I read these I have to finish the books I got last Christmas so…yeah. 20151228_183541.jpg

New watch! So pretty, and I needed a backup considering I’ve butchered the strap on my other one.


Is a (sideways) fox slipper sock. Enough said.


Aaaaand finally. My pride and joy. My baby. A Charlotte Tilbury matte lipstick. *drools*

And of course I got some socks and some pajamas because what is Christmas without new socks or new pajamas?!

That’s all from me now, expect more regular updates now the Christmas season is over and I’m not living at work and get some actual free time.



Or, recent and ill-advised purchases I have made in the past couple of weeks.
I needed this first pair of heels for the fast approaching Grad Ball. They’re from New Look, and match my dress perfectly, I’m going to spend the whole night spinning and telling people ‘I’m a princess! I’m a princess!’ Don’t judge me until you’ve seen (I will update after the event next week :))



The next New Look shoe purchases were made after going shopping for some nude shoes, cause I haven’t decided what I’m wearing for graduation yet, and I came out with these…

20150613_161528 20150613_161825
Woops. Pretty though, right? And the dark ones are almost all the way broken in, so hopefully next time I wear them they won’t break my feet! Huzzah! Although, the horrific blister I have on my left ankle currently is surprisingly not from brand new heels, but sneaking a hip flask of raspberry vodka into No Tomorrow in my wellies.  The price you pay to get drunk without paying £6 for a beer. Anyway, I digress…
The final pair I blame entirely on Gemma for taking me into New Look AGAIN and being complicit in me buying some more shoes to make me feel like a princess, this time in the Chi Chi dress I bought on sale for £14 (?!) a while back, which I planned on wearing to the Tim Burton themed Networks Ball the following day. Unfortunately I didn’t get any (nice) pictures with my shoes in, so you’ll have to imagine how great they looked together.20150613_161622IMG-20150613-WA0000Bonus picture of me having a grand ol’ time, courtesy of Miss Leona:11301469_10152970915862749_1738141063_n

Okay, now I’m done with the shoes, let me talk about some other ‘essentials’ I’ve spent my hard-earned student loan on recently. I swear this is the last time I’ll mention No Tomorrow (it was faaab though; sunshine, friends and booze. And James Bay. Need I say more?), but I did make some fantastic Primark purchases before going there last weekend, some of which can be seen in this photo (I’m in the middle):

1743628_10153140444821713_626574138004613711_nDaisy headband and Harry Potter crop top. Tres festival chic, I think you’ll agree. Plus these snazzy flamingo glasses I also picked up from Primark, I was the envy of everyone there (ha).IMG-20150613-WA0001

I don’t know if this counts so much as a ‘purchase’, but I did pay for it so… Tattoo numero dos!


It took less than five minutes (literally less time than the artist took to set up the needle and the ink) and it’s healing nicely. This photo was taken on Tuesday when it was done, so I’ll probably take a better one soon when it’s fully healed. Is it weird that having two feels loads better than just one? Probably, but whatever, I like it a lot. And I reckon it’s my favourite purchase out of them all (at £40 it was the most expensive, so it probably should be.)

GOSH Makeup Haul

I seem to be making a habit of going shopping for one particular thing or reason, and coming home with a whole haul. Monday was no exception, as a very hungover two housemates and myself went in search of lunch the afternoon after the No Tomorrow festival weekend, settling in Bella Italia (so many carbs, mmm) before heading for a gander around the shops.

I went into Superdrug looking for a BB Cream, because I want an easy product to use on my face so I can pack lightly when I go on my travels over summer. I found it in the shape of Gosh’s BB Cream Foundation in the shade 002 (the lightest, of course) which is an all-in-one product which I am hoping will do the job.

I’ve never really used many products from GOSH in the past, but after finding out they were cruelty free I thought I’d try them out; and I’m glad I did because I’m in love with their Intense Eye Liner Pen which I bought a few weeks ago. So can you blame me for taking advantage of the buy one get one half price deal?

I’ve wanted to jump on the mineral powder bandwagon for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity (not for my bank account, unfortunately). I bought the Mineral Powder and the GOSH mineral powder brush (which wasn’t in the deal, but, hey…) and I love it. It goes on so nicely, the coverage is brilliant and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth.

My final product that I argued, mostly with myself, that I really needed and couldn’t leave the shop without it: Velvet Touch Lipliner. To be fair, I do wear lipstick quite a lot and I’ve been told it’s a crime to wear lippy without a liner so…it’s justified, right?

That’s all for now, I know it might seem like a small haul, but spending over £20 as a student hurtling towards graduation makes it a big deal, I promise. I’ll probably be back and rambling on about other purchases I’ve made (I have a bit of a shoe problem, as well as cosmetics, at the moment) in the next couple of days. Though I am going to a ball tonight and a social tomorrow night and all the socialising might wear me out a little too much, so we’ll have to see. 🙂


Oxford Street Lush Haul

I accidently spent over £60 in the new Lush store when I took a day trip to London last week. My friend had a job interview,  and I went shopping. One of us has our priorities straight..
I had my eye on a lot of skincare products,  but I managed to restrain myself to just one Oxford St. exclusive face mask: Don’t Look At Me, which looks like this


It looks a bit radioactive,  but it smells delicious. And makes my skin feel as smooth as silk. The perfect place to use it is in the bath, which is exactly what I did with the two bath products I treated myself to.
The first one was The Experimenter, which smells soooo good, and makes a glittery rainbow when you put it in the water. What more could you want?
The second was another Oxford St. exclusive, this time a bubblebar: the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon.


If you’re looking for a real bubbly bath, this is not the one. For a bath with cocoa butter that makes your skin feel amazing and smell like chocolatey orange heaven, this is a winner. Plus, I only used half of it, so I get to enjoy another delicious-smelling bathtime.
Now, I’m not gonna lie to ya, I bought the Hair Custard because it looks and smells so great. The only time I’ve used it though I put way too much in and it ended up being so sticky it actually felt like I’d poured a bowl of custard over my head. Lesson learnt.


My final two items were really what I went for: make up.
I invested in the Dream Earth Eye Powder, and the lipstick in the colour Amorous. Both are shimmery and beautifully pigmented. I need to get saving so I can try the rest of the make up range…wpid-wp-1432911918378

All in all, no regrets. Using all these products was the perfect way to relax post exams/post uni during my week at home. Real world..? What real world?