My favourite beauty tip of the moment

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the beauty side of my blog recently, so I am here today to rectify that with a simple product I could not live without in my makeup bag:

Cotton buds

Seriously, these little things cost like £1 for 300, and they’re double-ended so they last twice as long?? Basically if you haven’t got these little miracles in your life/make up routine you should probably invest.


I originally bought this packet when I got my nose pierced in September 2014 to keep it clean; but seen as it sadly got infected anyway and I decided it wasn’t worth the painful hassle anymore I took it out just a couple of months later, the cotton buds have been solely used for clearing up makeup-mishaps ever since.

I mess up my eyeliner a lot*, so they are basically my saving grace whenever I am running late for work and have some kind of smudge-related/over-doing it issue. I sometimes dab a bit of make up remover on the end, but most of the time I just dab it on my tongue and wipe off the excess eyeliner (or sometimes lipstick) pretty swiftly, without it interfering too much with the rest of my make up, and preventing me from starting all over again. And if I don’t get it all, just flip it over and do the same with the other end, then grab a new one if it’s still not solved the issue. The packet honestly seems never-ending the way I use them.

Do you have any simple tricks similar to this one that you think everyone should know about? Pleeease let me know, I would be eternally grateful, as its things like this that make my life so much less stressful (as ridiculous as that sounds)!


*Exhibit A: result of sneezing during makeup application.