Trip to Munich

I had a week booked off work, and a couple weeks beforehand my boyfriend broke up with me, so obviously I booked a flight to visit my friend in Munich. What better way to take your mind off your broken heart?

Well, the distraction part didn’t really work, but I am so glad I went. Travel is something I want to do way more of, and having a friend living abroad is too good an opportunity to miss!

Having only ever been abroad four times in my twenty-two years, catching a flight by myself was pretty scary. I smashed it, and I am so proud of myself. There’s nothing more satisfying than kicking anxiety’s butt.

My friend met me at the airport with a traditional Bavarian pretzel and I could not have been happier, cause I was starving. Then she led the way to her and her boyfriend’s flat, which is right in the centre of the city, and by the very beautiful river.IMG_20160517_155056

We had a really nice, chilled afternoon wandering around the city and the lovely English Garden:



Certainly my favourite day spent in Munich was the second, as the weather was gorgeous and the Bavarian scenery even more beautiful. The plan was to get a cable car up to the top of a mountain my friends had previously hiked (my health would not allow that, unfortunately) but the cable car had stopped running… So we walked almost a quarter of the way up, which is still pretty high, it’s a big mountain, to the restaurant where we enjoyed a radler and some yummy German bread and dips; and, of course, the view.


On our way back we hopped off the train at Schliersee for an hour to grab an ice cream in whilst the sun started to set over the mountains.


Just so pretty!

On my final day, the weather was quite the opposite. Rain, rain and more rain.

The perfect day to go to a museum! Especially for my nerdy obsession with studying the Nazis, as the museum we visited was the ‘Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism’. Turns out being on my feet for so many hours a day in my job is an advantage when looking around museums, cause whilst the other two were slumped over having to rest on the stairs after an hour and a half, I was still standing after four hours of looking at all of the information that there was on offer, over four floors. And there was a lot! Even for someone like me who has done a hell of a lot of reading on the subject, there’s always something new to learn. Especially with this museum being specific to Munich and its personal relationship with National Socialism. I would highly recommend giving it a visit if you find yourself in the city.

I must go back to Munich if I ever get the chance, because there was so much to see, three days just wasn’t enough.

Thanks for reading!



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