On Heartbreak

So, my first boyfriend recently dumped me for someone he, presumably, believes is better than me. It felt like he’d drop kicked me in the stomach and I’d landed in a rubbish bin. Tossed out with the trash.

I’ve told myself it’s something that everyone has to go through; a rite of passage; experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions, and all that jazz. Even thinking of it in terms of understanding how characters in books could literally die from heartache! (I feel ya Cathy, I do).

The only pain I’ve ever felt that it comes close to is being depressed. That sounds kinda dramatic, but lots of aspects are the same; feeling worthless, feeling empty or like there’s something missing, not being able to eat or sleep, the feeling of loneliness even when there’s people around you (but especially when there’s not) etc. I got through being so incredibly low I wanted to die; I can get through this no bother.

I was single for 21 years before this guy came into my life and made me fall so ridiculously hard for him, and I enjoyed his company for like 7 months. It was a good 7 months, don’t get me wrong, but I did pretty alright for myself for those 21 years, and I will do again.

I am a rational human being that believes everything happens for a reason. Despite the soul-crushing anxiety I’m suffering from right now, which I hope will fade in time; stop fighting me, brain! If he can drop me so fast and move on so quickly he clearly wasn’t long-term boyfriend material in the first place. As one of my wise girl friends said, ‘If someone is better for him then you’re better off without him.’ Gotta love inspirational girl friends. The things that they come up with when someone has hurt you is priceless. I have some pretty special people in my life, that’s for sure.

Anywho, I think I’m done with this little bit of therapeutic blogging. Writing things out really helps me to get a better perspective on things. Also shopping, so expect some hauls coming up pretty soon, cause I have done a lot of retail therapy. 😉

Oh speaking of which, I’ve come across a new protip: been dumped? Go out and buy yourself some really nice underwear that he never has and never will have the privilege of seeing. That shit is empowering.

Gonna continue to dance like an idiot and sing my heart out to Hair by Little Mix now, ttfn.

(Images: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/512425263830481095/?from_navigate=true )


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