Festival Packing

It’s a horrible, rainy Monday here in Nottingham; the perfect day to stay in my pjs and get some packing done. I feel like all I do these days is pack… suitcases, travel bags, boxes of all of my belongings…

Anyways, it’s Latitude this week!!! So packing is a thing I need to be getting on with. Packing for festivals is often the most stressful part of my year (bit dramatic, but it’s hard, okay!) Even after all the experience I’ve had, I’m always afraid I’m going to forgot something, which I often do, but it’s never the end of the world.


I’ve checked the weather forecast for the week ahead, and it’s supposed to be pretty warm, with lots of cloud and the potential for a bit of rain, but warm all the same, so I’ve essentially packed clothes that I can wear to stay relatively cool in, with the options of adding layers if it gets too cold and rainy. This selection includes two skirts, a dress, four tops, a pair of funky trousers,two pairs of leggings and two warm sweatshirts. And not forgetting the all-important raincoat of course! This one I bought for £5 instead of £13 at Primark. It’s not my usually flimsy pack-a-mac, so it’s less convenient to pack/carry around the site with me, but will hopefully be more durable:

20150713_144211 (^funky boohoo trousers)

A lot of the stuff is new, as I’ve had nothing better to do really whilst in Nottingham before my graduation last Friday (eeeek I’m officially a graduate!), so I’ve done a looot of shopping… One of the outfits being this one, the skirt from New Look and the top on sale for £5 in Topshop:


In terms of toiletries I still have to go out and buy my supply of baby wipes and make-up remover wipes, as well as a mini deodorant, but other than that I’m all set. This year I’ve finally got myself some daily contact lenses, which will be SO much easier and more hygienic than trying to clean my monthlies every day in an environment where it’s impossible to be 100% sanitised. I am still taking my travel-sized saline solution just in case though. I’m also taking mini shower gel, face wash and shampoo as one of the perks of working at a festival (for Oxfam in my case at Latitude) is that you have access to staff showers. I’ve never actually used them before as I’ve always, at any festival, been on shift, sleeping, or been too busy running around trying to see all of the bands and acts I can before I have to do either of the previous things once again.


Make-up wise, I try to keep it minimal for ease getting ready in a tent, as well as to pack as lightly as possible. This year my essentials will be my GOSH BB Cream (because it’s a moisturiser, primer and foundation in one, and contains SPF), Collection Lasting Perfection pressed powder, B. shimmer block, GOSH liquid gel eyeliner and Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara. I’ll probably take an eyeshadow palette as well, and of course some of that festival-staple glitter to chuck over my face, and all over the tent.

All of these things, plus a few more essentials such as my sleeping bag, an extra blanket and camping mat will go into my rucksack, which is a bitch to carry when it’s so full and heavy (especially when you have a six hour train journey with four changes to make), but I’ve found it the best method of carting all of my stuff to and from festivals for the past five years. 20150713_134050

So here’s hoping I don’t break my back, and the sun shines down on Suffolk this weekend!


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