I’M SO ANGRY (aka politics with Char)

So in the aftermath of the General Election my anger reached an all time high, and since it has turned into a relatively gentle simmer. About time for an explosion, then? Enter George Osborne and the Summer Budget.
The Conservatives began their onslaught on young people in the last parliament, with the scrapping of EMA and of course the rise in tuition fees. They’ve now delivered the final blow by scrapping the student maintenance grant, housing benefits and job seeker’s for 18-21 year olds. I am just baffled. I wouldn’t be in the position where I’m graduating from a top university right now if it wasn’t for my maintenance grant. I am in enough debt just paying off my maintenance loan, if I (like future students will) had to also pay back my grant I would be in an unthinkable amount of debt.
How does it make sense to fuck over young people? What are school-leavers supposed to do? Jobs are few and far between, many parents can’t continue to support their children forever (especially with the child benefit cuts), and there’s no way of finding a place you can afford to live in renting, never mind get on the property ladder.
There’s is much more wrong with Osborne’s budget,  vulnerable people being pushed further to the margins of society and forgotten about,  but I haven’t enough energy to focus on all of it. How anyone can justify these policies is totally beyond me, and once again I weep for humanity.


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