Berlin Baes

We got back to East Midlands airport from Berlin on Friday morning, and I’m still recovering today. We seemed to fit so much into five days, and it was so hot I’m surprised I survived at all without passing out. It was fantastic though. I’ve fallen in love with the city I’ve been so interested in learning about since GCSE History lessons.

We saw the Berlin wall:


We went boating (paid for an hour, needed to pee after roughly ten minutes):


Bladder issues of course caused by lots and lots of beer:

11715873_10153200674456713_1078325953_n 11713497_10153200675196713_703071383_n

Visited my palace AND my street (thanks Berlin, love you too):

11717162_10153200674096713_1376729730_n 11720650_10153200674781713_607190919_n

Spent hours in the fantastic Jewish museum. I honestly think I could spend several days in there and still not have been able to read everything there is on offer there. The installations, like the ones below, were really moving, and seeing a couple with a toddler taking selfies inside one of the most powerful made me so angry I almost cried. Some people have no respect or understanding of where they are and the significance of what it’s all about. Infuriating. I learnt a helluva lot about Jewish history in Germany that I wasn’t aware of, though, and I recommend going if you ever find yourself in Berlin:


On the same day we went to the museum, we also saw the Reichstag building, Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandenburg Gate, and walked approximately 4738 trillion-million miles:


We also ate lots of amazing food (chips come with ketchup AND mayo. Wake up, UK!) and met lots and lots of hungry little sparrows like this guy:


Thanks to two of my Berlin baes Laura and Gemma for the majority of the photographs xoxo


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