Or, recent and ill-advised purchases I have made in the past couple of weeks.
I needed this first pair of heels for the fast approaching Grad Ball. They’re from New Look, and match my dress perfectly, I’m going to spend the whole night spinning and telling people ‘I’m a princess! I’m a princess!’ Don’t judge me until you’ve seen (I will update after the event next week :))



The next New Look shoe purchases were made after going shopping for some nude shoes, cause I haven’t decided what I’m wearing for graduation yet, and I came out with these…

20150613_161528 20150613_161825
Woops. Pretty though, right? And the dark ones are almost all the way broken in, so hopefully next time I wear them they won’t break my feet! Huzzah! Although, the horrific blister I have on my left ankle currently is surprisingly not from brand new heels, but sneaking a hip flask of raspberry vodka into No Tomorrow in my wellies.  The price you pay to get drunk without paying £6 for a beer. Anyway, I digress…
The final pair I blame entirely on Gemma for taking me into New Look AGAIN and being complicit in me buying some more shoes to make me feel like a princess, this time in the Chi Chi dress I bought on sale for £14 (?!) a while back, which I planned on wearing to the Tim Burton themed Networks Ball the following day. Unfortunately I didn’t get any (nice) pictures with my shoes in, so you’ll have to imagine how great they looked together.20150613_161622IMG-20150613-WA0000Bonus picture of me having a grand ol’ time, courtesy of Miss Leona:11301469_10152970915862749_1738141063_n

Okay, now I’m done with the shoes, let me talk about some other ‘essentials’ I’ve spent my hard-earned student loan on recently. I swear this is the last time I’ll mention No Tomorrow (it was faaab though; sunshine, friends and booze. And James Bay. Need I say more?), but I did make some fantastic Primark purchases before going there last weekend, some of which can be seen in this photo (I’m in the middle):

1743628_10153140444821713_626574138004613711_nDaisy headband and Harry Potter crop top. Tres festival chic, I think you’ll agree. Plus these snazzy flamingo glasses I also picked up from Primark, I was the envy of everyone there (ha).IMG-20150613-WA0001

I don’t know if this counts so much as a ‘purchase’, but I did pay for it so… Tattoo numero dos!


It took less than five minutes (literally less time than the artist took to set up the needle and the ink) and it’s healing nicely. This photo was taken on Tuesday when it was done, so I’ll probably take a better one soon when it’s fully healed. Is it weird that having two feels loads better than just one? Probably, but whatever, I like it a lot. And I reckon it’s my favourite purchase out of them all (at £40 it was the most expensive, so it probably should be.)


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