So this is my first post on this shiny new blog, which I hope to update regularly (whatever that means).

Basically, whenever I have an opinion on a thing, I want somewhere to share it. Preferably in a more articulate manner than just ranting to my housemates, whom I am sure want to smack me and tell me to shut up sometimes, considering how often I get worked up about something or other, or really passionate about a book/song/band/mascara etc.

So this is my face: Ā tumblr_n8telnU48c1qff49go1_500

When I had pink hair.. thinking about giving it a revamp soon. There you go, an example of what exciting content there is to come.

I am in the midst of my final year studying for an English and History degree, which is why I use the term ‘update regularly’ with some degree of caution. I am, as you can imagine, very busy reading books and writing essays and panicking about my future and what comes next and what I am going to do with the rest of my life etcetc.

So that’s me. Awkward introductions over, mostly because I’m cringing myself out and wish to stop now. See you on the other side (of what? idk).


4 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Welcome to the WordPress! I can’t wait to read more from you šŸ™‚ I always wanted to studyLiterature and History (especially Art History) but my parents didn’t allow me too – I envy your programs! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other! I hope you’ll enjoy blogging as much as we all do here ā¤


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